Effortless Hosting for Your AdultTurnkeySuperstore

Escape the overwhelming search for web host providers across the vast expanse of the internet. Your AdultTurnkeySuperstore online internet home business sex toy eCommerce website finds its home in our care. We take pride in owning and operating our dedicated servers housed within a world-class, private data center. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just hosting; with ownership of our dedicated servers, we meticulously design, build, and maintain an optimized server configuration. This empowers us to deliver unmatched performance that’s fast, secure, and reliable, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Daily Backups for Peace of Mind

Your AdultTurnkeySuperstore online business is our priority, and we prove it through daily backups. Your valuable information, spanning from products and customers to orders and inventory, is securely stored in our advanced data centers each day. Rest easy knowing your entire online venture is consistently safeguarded, always backed up, and thoroughly protected.

Fortified with Level-1 PCI Compliance

Security of your customers’ credit card data is paramount. Our AdultTurnkeySuperstore online eCommerce shopping cart proudly boasts level-1 PCI compliance, ensuring that your customers’ sensitive payment information remains impervious to threats.

Fortify Trust with SSL Certificates

Elevate the trust factor for your customers with our 256-bit SSL certificates. This impenetrable layer of security ensures that both your customers’ personal information and your business data remain in safe hands.

Robust Uptime and 24/7 Vigilance

Reliability is woven into our DNA. With an impressive 99.9% uptime guarantee, we’re committed to keeping your site operational, always. Our vigilant 24/7 monitoring ensures that any issues are promptly identified and addressed.

Tier-1 Premium Bandwidth for Unparalleled Performance

Experience internet connectivity that’s second to none. Our data center boasts premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers, translating to minimal latency and rapid global connections. Through direct connectivity with industry giants like MCI, AT&T, Savvis, and Level3, we bring you unparalleled connectivity to over 4,500 networks worldwide.

On-Site Security for Ultimate Assurance

Your security is non-negotiable. Access to our data center is meticulously controlled, limited solely to technical personnel. Cutting-edge electronic security systems, coupled with state-of-the-art motion detecting security cameras, ensure airtight protection. Our data center’s fortified external walls and fully managed facilities, staffed with level 3 technicians round the clock, guarantee swift and precise incident response. Your AdultTurnkeySuperstore.com dedicated servers are in the hands of professionals dedicated to your safety.

Unrivaled Power Infrastructure

Our data center’s power systems are engineered with unwavering reliability in mind. We’ve implemented extensive fault tolerance and resilience across all layers, ensuring the utmost in protection. The journey begins as incoming service is channeled underground, leading to a dedicated on-site transformer. From here, an automatic transfer switch takes over, vigilantly monitoring power quality and seamlessly transitioning to emergency generators should the need arise.

Uninterrupted Power With Redundant Systems

To guarantee uninterrupted service, every facility is fortified with one or more Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), complemented by redundant battery cabinets and full maintenance bypass cabinets. This configuration permits seamless service and upgrades without any interruption to the power supply of our servers.

Precision Power Distribution

Power transformation and distribution are handled with precision by Liebert Precision power distribution units, ensuring clean and consistent power reaches data center equipment. Our facilities house multiple emergency generators on standby, with an autonomous run time exceeding 24 hours before refueling is required. Regular weekly test runs ensure their readiness for any eventuality.

Swift Backup Activation

In the event of a utility failure, generator power springs into action automatically through the transfer switch. Our UPS units maintain the data center load for at least 15 minutes, providing a buffer. However, this is scarcely needed, as the generator activates within a mere 10 seconds of detecting a power failure, guaranteeing seamless continuity of power.

Cooling Systems

Cutting-Edge Environmental Infrastructure

Redundant Cooling Excellence

Our commitment to optimal performance extends to the very environment housing your data. Redundant Liebert Precision 22-ton upflow air conditioning units stand as sentinels, meticulously regulating temperature and humidity year-round. This unwavering control ensures peak equipment reliability.

Enhanced Reliability with Independent Systems

Each unit boasts independent compressors and cooling loops, elevating both fault tolerance and overall reliability. The synergy between these components creates an environment that guarantees the smooth operation of your systems.

Purified Air for Pristine Conditions

Active air filtration systems diligently eliminate foreign particulates from circulation. In a matter of minutes, the entire data center air supply undergoes circulation, maintaining a level of air quality that meets the highest standards.

A World-Class Foundation

Your AdultTurnkeySuperstore thrives on a backbone infrastructure that epitomizes excellence. This infrastructure outpaces competitors by leaps and bounds – an edge that becomes apparent upon deeper exploration. Unlike many, we believe in transparency, sharing the intricate details of our backend setup, underscoring our commitment to providing you with a truly world-class hosting experience.