Have you submitted your PayPal API to us yet?

  • 8th February 2021
Dear valued client, A friendly reminder.... Have you submitted your PayPal API to us yet? If not, please follow the instructions (contained within the "Welcome" email we sent you on or near your signup date) on how to obtain your PayPal payment API credentials. Until you do this, we cannot set up your cart to accept credit card payments.  It ...
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IMPORTANT! Back up your cart database BEFORE making changes to your cart!

  • 29th January 2021
Dear valued client/s.  Before making any changes to your shopping cart "be sure" to always create and download a safety backup copy of your shopping carts MYSQL database. (Instructions below).  This way, if you end up accidentally breaking the functionality of your cart (it can and may happen) you can simply restore your cart to its original ...
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