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Welcome to AdultTurnkeySuperstore.com

Now you can enjoy the privileges and rewards of being your own boss with your own online Adult Sex Toy Superstore.

If you're one of the millions of unemployed workers – or under-employed workers – out there (over 93 million American's as of this writing) who's having a terrible time looking for a new job, there is something you can do about it – let AdultTurnkeySuperstore.com get you up and running in your very own eCommerce, online adult sex toy business in just one week.

Just $359.95 gives you your own state-of-the-art e-commerce storefront . . . complete with its own shopping cart and well stocked with thousands of the bestselling, name brand adult toys, games, pleasure aids and accessories, all clearly pictured and engagingly described.

Our feature rich solution is proven secure, and very user-friendly. You’ll know instantly and automatically what’s selling and when. 

As an online adult sex toy eCommerce entrepreneur, you reap all the benefits of running your own eCommerce operations thereby making you are master of your own domain – literally!

Need a new domain name for your new Adult Turnkey package? Use the box below to search for and register your new domain name, then include it with your Adult Turnkey Superstore package order.

#1 GoDaddy.com - Home of the $1.99 domain name

You don’t need anyone’s permission. Have a great marketing idea you’d like to try out? Go for it! Most entrepreneurs agree that leaving the Land of the Wage Slaves was one of the best decisions of their lives – because the rewards are not just financial. Being your own boss just feels right . . .and your time becomes your own.

Make no mistake – this is no affiliate or franchise deal. You completely control your store.

When we say we’ll help you start and grow your own business, we mean it! So, unlike many other e-commerce site providers, we won’t tie you up in any restrictive red tape or cumbersome obligations as there is NO contract so you can quit at any time, hassle free.

We’ll provide you with the store, but it’s entirely your store to operate! Your monthly site maintenance fee is a flat $59.95 with no contract– whether you sell $100 or $10,000. The money from each transaction goes directly into your checking account. So you make money before you spend a dime on buying the products from us at wholesale costs so that we may ship the products to your customers after the sale. And your customers are your customers – we will never communicate or market to them.

You can authorize us to drop-ship for you (there’s no extra charge for this service beyond the calculated shipping charge which the customer pays), or we can ship the items directly to you so you can fulfilling your own orders. You can add new products (ours or those of other manufacturers) at any time, change the prices, run sales and create special bundled deals – whatever and whenever you wish.

And one of your most valuable marketing assets will be your ever-growing customer list. You’ll be able to effectively promote to your customers again and again – because people who have purchased from you before are much more likely to do so again as 85% of most retail business is via repeat customers – and you can reach them easily and economically via email from your shopping carts FREE built in newsletter email module that comes included with the 

With us taking care of all the drudgery of starting a business – sourcing new products, presenting them online, designing a smoothly functioning and secure site and shipping the orders – we effectively free you up to spend more of your time where it will do the most good and that's running your business.

In other words: we’re offering you a tried and true online business solution that builds the foundation for your success. It's an approach that’s already working for other entrepreneurs who took the next step and grabbed onto this opportunity to become their own boss, work from home – and who consider that to be one of the best business decisions they've made.

Click here to sign up right now and grab your share of this multi-billion dollar industry!